Host Your Own Kit-Building Event

Host your own kit building event! They are easy to plan, serve as a great team building event, corporate event, social activity, and as a fun way to give back to the community. Conduct your own product drive with friends, family, or coworkers. The formula is simple, check out our aid below to help plan based on your budget/size of event you’d like to host. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.




  • Red Bags

  • Branded stickers to seal the bag

  • Boxes to fit and deliver finished kits

  • We will deliver the above supplies to you and pick-up finished kits once completed

  • We will deliver the finished products to our partner organizations to get to those in need 



  • Tampons

  • Pads

  • Wipes
***The below figures are only estimates to give you an idea of how much a kit-build may cost. These figures can change depending on where you shop, etc. This isn’t paid to Period Kits MN since you would be responsible for gathering menstrual supplies. The cost can be mitigated by doing your own product drive. ***

5-6 Volunteers

Duration about 45 minutes
80 Kits
560 Regular Tampons
240 Super Tampons
400 Overnight Pads
400 Regular Pads
80 Flushable Wipe Packs

10-12 Volunteers

Duration about 45 minutes
200 Kits
1400 Regular Tampons
600 Super Tampons
1000 Overnight Pads
1000 Regular Pads
200 Flushable Wipe Packs

35-40 Volunteers

Duration approx. 45 minutes
600 Kits
4200 Regular Tampons
1800 Super Tampons
3000 Overnight Pads
3000 Regular Pads
600 Flushable Wipe Packs


STEP 1: Add 1 Travel Wipe Package horizontally on bottom of bag. 

STEP 2: Add 5x Maxi  / Overnight Pads and 5x Regular pads / Liners

STEP 3: Add 7x Regular Tampons and 3x Super Tampons

STEP 4: Fold top of bag and seal with a sticker showing the MN upright. 

STEP 5: Place completed and sealed kits in box. 20 Completed kits per box. 2 on the side and 3 rows of 6. 

STEP 6: Seal box with packing tape. Add 1 Period Kits MN sticker to outer side of box.