At Period Kits MN we believe no one should have to choose between food and tampons. We provide kits that have at least a 30 day supply of period products to those experiencing homelessness, unstable housing and poverty.

It’s About Health & Dignity. Period.



We envision a world where anyone who has a period has dependable and consistent access to the products they need when they need them. We are working to achieve this by providing kits to community partners who serve those struggling to meet basic needs. 


  • In Minnesota – 1 in 8 women and girls between the ages of 12 and 44 live below the federal poverty line. (source: Alliance for Period Supplies)
  • In Minnesota – as of Jan 2019 on avg. 685 young adults (18-24) experience homelessness on any given day. (source:
  • In Minnesota – during the 2017-18 school year a reported 16,698 students experienced homelessness during the year (source:
  • In the US – 1 in 4 teens has missed class due to the lack of access to period supplies. (source: Alliance for Period Supplies) 


Monetary Donation


Donate funds to help purchase supplies! All proceeds donated will be used for the purchase and distribution of period kits to support those in need living in Minnesota. 




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Product Donation


You can donate products using our super easy Amazon wish-list. (Click Lets Go Below)


You can mail a donation! Whether you have unused product laying around or want to purchase and send via mail, we would be grateful to accept any of these donations. All products can be sent to:

2825 135TH CIR NW, ANDOVER, MN 55304  

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What is a Period Kit?


Our goal with each period kit distributed is to give enough product to help someone meet at least one month of product needs. 

Each kit consists of:

  • 10 tampons
  • 5 overnight pads
  • 5 regular pads 
  • 1 individual package of flushable wet wipes.